I feel like Ms. Corey goes to battle for me every time she steps inside the courtroom and out.  She is confident in her approach and I appreciate everything she has done for me.

- Zach

Local venues that provide interlock services

A person with a restricted license may still be allowed to drive using a special device installed in their car that analyzes their blood alcohol content. Interlock system MUST be installed professionally by licensed companies.  There are a few local compaies close to Bend Oregon listed below.

Low Cost Interlock, Inc.
Toll Free (800) 352-4872
6180 American Lane, Unit 1
Bend, OR 97702
E-mail info@lowcostinterlock.com
Website www.lowcostinterlock.com


Direct Drive Gear – Alcohol Detection Systems, Inc.
Toll Free (855) 443-3678
60360 Cheyenne Drive
Bend, OR 97702
Website www.interlockexperts.com


Auto Interlock NW – Autosense International Local
Fax (541) 317-3090
(541) 330-1600
740 SE Ninth Street, Suite 9
Bend, OR 97702
Website www.autointerlocknw.com


Full Throttle Custom – Advanced Alcohol Monitoring
By Guardian Lock Local
(541) 954-7750
Toll Free (800) 499-0994
1065 Paiute Way, Suite 115
Bend, OR 97702
Website www.guardianlock.com


Sounds Fast – AutoSafe/Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc.
142 NE Revere Avenu
Bend, OR 97701
Toll Free (800) 977-0091
Website www.ignitioninterlock.biz


Sargent’s Stereo – Intoxalock
Toll Free (877) 777-5020
(515) 331-7513
180 SE Third Street Fax
Bend, OR 97702
Website www.Intoxalock.com


Sargent’s Stereo – Smart Start of Oregon
Toll Free (800) 880-3394
(818) 328-9890
180 SE Third Street Fax
Bend, OR 97702
Website www.SmartStartofOregon.com


Sounds On Wheels - #1 A LifeSafer of Oregon, Inc.
(541) 388-0300
Toll Free (800) 328-9890
917 SE Third Street
Bend, OR 97701
Website www.LifeSafer.com/oregon

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